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Timothy Casey B.Sc.(Hons.): Consulting Geologist   

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This site offers the services of a consulting geologist, and some geological perspectives of political hot air. Distributed Site Architecture is applied across the entire geologist-1011 Internet Realm, comprising:

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Consulting geologist offering ten years of broad technicalexperience in the petroleum industry withhigh problem solvingskills and demonstrated project management capability.

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Not so Apologetic

Some Essays in Critical Thinking, a skill excluded from Western schooling. These essays not only showcase examples of popular fallacies and the geological facts that contradict them, but examines the mechanism of deception being exploited by fallacious argument, and applies a rough approximation of the Costigan conspiracy analysis - the method of using the presence of market opportunity to identify the financial basis for a conspiracy. Also demonstrated are the differences between social systems where an existing opportunity to defraud the public for profit is not exploited as opposed to where such an opportunity is exploited.

Is That Rain, or is the Sky Really Falling?

Creationism has been the art of creating facts that fit for decades, but is arguing against a creative deluge of "factual" assertions really the answer, or do we need to look deeper for the reason why such flimsily misquoted data are so easily accepted?

Transmuting Copper into Gold: Exemplifying the Role of Context in Religious Understanding.

The Baha'i Faith is a young religion valuing the harmony of science and religion but with a scriptural stick of dynamite just waiting for the right kind of fanatic. How are we intended to understand a demonstrably nonsensical statement of Holy Writ?

Is the Earth Really Warming to You Too, or am I Just Getting Hot Under the Collar?

Most of us lived through the panic in the lead-up to the year 2000 raised by the year 2000 bug, and companies spent millions on year 2000 compliance. On ISO:2000-Jan-01, planes did not drop out of the sky, nuclear reactors did not melt down, and my computer systems did not even flicker - even though nothing had been done about the two digit year settings. Now the pressure to accept yet more unsupported panic about the sometimes theoretical if untested and often fictional consequences of the Global Warming has been heating up for years now, but so far what experimental data backing it's proposed causes and consequences are offered by Global Warming proponents? What does four billion years of geological history say about the environmental consequences of high atmospheric carbon dioxide, elevated temperatures, sea level fluctuations, and climate change?

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